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Dr. Puthur Rahman: Manager of The Private Deparment of The Ruler of Fujairah

PUTHUR RAHMAN Born on 15th May, 1956 in Kottakkal Puthur Malappuram, Puthur Rahman is the son of Pallipparambil Moidu Musliyar and Mariyam, Daughter of Vakyath Alavikutty. He completed his primary and religious education at Kottakal and Graduated in Afzal Ul Ulama and B.A from Calicut University( Roulathul uloom Arabic College Farooq college, Ansar Arabic College) Later, He went Abroad to pursue his Dreams and worked in various roles in the private department of the ruler of Fujairah. Presently, He works there as Manager. He began his social life as the Taluk President of Muslim Student's Federation. He was a member of MSF in Malappuram district, Counselor of Calicut University and MSM Secretary, and was President of Fujairah KMCC, Fujairah MES, and Fujairah Art Lover's Association. At present He is the President of UAE KMCC's National Committee . His roles also include President of Fujairah Indian Social Club, Chairman of Rill Hospital Othukkungal, Chairman of Malayalam mission Fujairah State, Member of Loka Kerala Sabha, Director of Areacode National Education Trust, Chief Trustee of Thrissur Kypamangalam Hira Charitable Trust, UAE Gulf-Malayalee Coordination Committee Chief, and Chairman of NRI Coordination Committee. He was Awarded the Best Social Worker by Trivandrum Sahrdaya Vedi in 2002 and by Dubai Festival Committee in 2005. Media-one award for Best Social worker 2017,2020, Aslam memorial Award, Pookoya Thangal Award, Dharshana TV Award , Special Honor from Govt of Fujairah 2023, for leading flood relief works , He obtained his PhD in Islamic studies from the Global International University of Florida. He has also published various articles and research studies in numerous newspapers and periodicals. His works include five books - Destiny(English) and Thalayilezhuthu. Ahamed sahib - memoir of an enduring legacy ( English)Ismuhu Ahamed , Ente Indyayude varthamanangal .

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  • Birthdate : 15th May
  • Email :rahman223@hotmail.com
  • Books :
    • Destiny(English) Download
    • Thalayilezhuthu
    • Ahamed sahib - memoir of an enduring legacy ( English)
    • Ismuhu Ahamed
    • Ente Indyayude varthamanangal
  • website :www.puthurrahman.com
  • Address :P.O. Box: 2000, Fujairah, UAE


Life of Janab Shihab Thangal. He was a guiding light for the society, the Muslim community particularly as he strived for the comprehensive development of culture, education & employment.


From struggle to survival – A journey through Destiny

Puthur Rahman, the man who believed in destiny, flew to UAE at the age of 22. It was not because he wished to, but because he had to. At the time when Rahman was the secretary of MSF, the government's decision to prohibit Arabic, Urdu and Sanskrit from the school curriculum brought forth protest from more than 10 thousand youth league, and MSF members undertook 'Dharna' on 31st July 1981, at the Malapurram District Collectorate. Police attacked and Rahman got shot in the process and was admitted in hospital. After 3 months when he was discharged from the hospitals, he was charged with murder of a policeman who happened to die of a heartattack during the protest. To escape from this false case and avoid getting arrested he flew to UAE. There he got a job as a mechanic in a workshop though it was a trade that he wasn't skilled in. Fortunately, by the suggestion of a friend, he decided to meet Sheikh Saleh. The meeting was to happen at a football ground adjacent to the farmhouse of the Sheikh. As it turned out, when the match was about to begin, the team which was to play against Sheikh Saleh’s team were short of a player. Rahman gladly accepted the Sheikh's invitation to play in the absent player's place. With the confidence and spirit that he imbibed from the soil of Puthur, he scored twice. But it was heartening to see the Sheikh congratulating him for his feat and encouraged him to continue the game. Post the match, while exchanging pleasantries with the Sheikh, Rahman mentioned his job and requested for another that suited his qualifications. As luck would have it, the Sheikh offered him the post of clerk cum secretary cum cleaner in a newly established shipping company, because he was a graduate in Arabic. The ladder to Dr. Rahman's growth began here. Second turning point in his life began on 24 February 2012. It is a memorable day because he considers it as a day of his second coming. It was on this day that he received an early morning call from the Kings College Hospital. He was surprised as he never expected his liver transplantation to be done so soon. His liver co-coordinator Ms. Wendy was waiting and he got prepared for the surgery. Prof. Nigel Heaton explained to him the risks of such a major surgery and fortunately they had a cadaver which was matching with his liver size perfectly. His boss at Fujairah kept him optimistic and prompted him to forget his worries. With the grace of the Almighty and the skilled hands of Prof. Heaton and Prof. O’ Grady, Rahman got a second chance to live. He considers himself extremely fortunate to have got such an expert consultation and a donor to whom he owes his life.



Afsal-Ul-Ulama, University of Calicut

Bachelor of Arts, Arabic, University of Calicut

Doctorate in Islamic Studies, University of Florida


  • Reading & Writing
  • Travelling
  • Philanthropy
  • Indian Politics
  • World Affairs

Awards and Achievements

  • Award for 'Best Social Contributor' (2002) by Thiruvananthapuram Sahithya Vedi
  • Malayalam Rathna Puraskaram
  • Best NRI Social Worker Award by Dharshana TV
  • Best NRI Social Worker Award by Mediaone TV
  • Best Social Worker Award in the gallop poll conducted as part of Dubai festival, 2005
  • Best Social Worker Award by Dream World
  • Gulf Cultural Award by Kerela Sahithya Vedi
  • Seethi Sahib Memorial Excellency Award by SSF, UAE chapter
  • Best Social Worker Award from Anappadikkal
  • Reward from KMCC, Kingdom of Bahrain, for remarkable services to the society.

    President of UAE KMCC's National Committee
    President of Fujairah Indian Social Club
    Chairman of Rill Hospital Othukkungal
    Chairman of Malayalam mission Fujairah State
    Member of Loka Kerala Sabha, Director of Areacode National Education Trust
    Chief Trustee of Thrissur Kypamangalam Hira Charitable Trust
    UAE Gulf-Malayalee Coordination Committee Chief, and Chairman of NRI Coordination Committee
    Calicut Airport Advisory Board Member

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